Reverse Phone Lookup – Know Who Blocks Your Number On Their iPhone

Today, it is possible to tell who blocks your number on their iPhone using an iOS 7 or an iOS 8. iOS call blocking is a feature that lets people block a call the deemed to be destructive or annoying, the same as a reverse phone lookup

This particular feature has been added in iOS 7 way back in 2013. This feature has the ability to block phone numbers that tend to affect people, especially when it comes to their everyday lives. This feature is also available for Apple’s latest operating system; the iOS 8. This, specifically, is good news for people who do not want to receive a call from unknown persons.

However, what do you think if you are on the receiving end and you and the one making the calls? Can you tell how you have been blocked by someone on their iPhone running on either iOS 7 or iOS 8? To make things simple, you cannot easily find out who calls you. Nevertheless, there are clues for you to trail if you want to find out who blocks your number. In particular, a reverse phone lookup Canada can help us if we have been blocked in our future dealings.

There are things to consider if someone has blocked your number. One thing to find out is that when you dial the number of someone who you think blocked you, it will only ring once. Then, the number will become unavailable for you to contact. Afterwards, you will be invited to leave a message for the owner of the phone number.

If you want to know how you have been blocked, then this is the giveaway. If the phone rings and then you are diverted to a voicemail, then that’s it. However, bear in mind that this may also be a result of the phone being set to auto divert, or the owner just turns it off. If you want to be extra sure, you can ring the particular phone number again, but this time, you have to use a different phone number.

This time, your number will not be visible, as you are using a new number. If the phone is really turned off or diverted, it will ring once and then you will be redirected to the voicemail. However, you will know that your actual phone number has been blocked if the new set of number you used made it through the call. This is a simple yet effective way, like reverse cell phone lookup Canada, to know if someone has blocked your number on their iPhone.

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