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817-723-6100 – Recieved more then 5 phone calls from this number today.
Thhe indidvdual didn\’t speak into the phone or anything they just hung up. DO NOT ANSWER AND IF YOU RECIEVE A CALL PLEASE REPORT THEM.
By : Joseph Ramique

765-387-6930 – Looks like Mrs. Rose Ann is at it again, but with a new number 254-672-3825.
Same M O as before. What set my scam alert off was, what company looking to hire an employee contacts them via text message on a Sunday?
I\’ll be contacting my local work force Monday because I like so many recently updated my profile. Thinking I\’ll show this to my investigation division when I go into work. Maybe we can put a stop to Mrs. Rose Ann.
By : Lacy

601-448-1900 – Same here in WA.
By : M

386-262-0478 – Woman asked for \”Parents of.. (and named my daughter)…. said she could not read the first name of the parent that was written on \”the order form for Child Protective state ID cards…\”.
. she insisted on delivering the order in person, asking when i would be,available.

I made my schedule very difficult knowing she would comply … (Sunday at noon :)

I kept on the line asking questions then I asked her to call me prior to coming to my home (privy to my address)

Will keep u posted!
By : Melissa

808-738-6031 – Hi
By : Tyrone

808-439-5214 – Hi
By : Tyrone

832-426-2653 – Cell phone # with a recording claiming to be the IRS an they\’re filing a lawsuit against me.
By :

201-490-4311 – This number called supposedly trying to collect a debt from my credit card, of which I have NONE. Because I declared bankruptcy and I have not been able to apply for credit. The people who you speak with are more than likely BS\’ing you. Report them. They are no good. And God have mercy on whoever is working for these lying pieces of you know what. They are just trying to get innocent people to believe their crap. DON\’T BELIEVE THEM> TELL THEM TO GO TO HELL> AND TELL THEM THAT THE JOB THEY HAVE CAN ONLY LEAD THEM TO THE PIECE OF LIFE SHIT HOLE THEY PROBABLY ARE TRYING TO DIG THEIR SORRY ARSES OUT OF FOR TAKING SUCH A CRAPPY JOB TO BEGIN WITH>
By : Teresa

917-291-2204 – shes a hooker, think about it
By : close friend

434-376-1010 – Judy Cook who was the Owner & Operator, died back in Dec of 2013. The shop is no longer open. How ever there is another lady who will be opening up a consignment shop there in the next month or so.
Judy did so much for the people of Brookneal, who at time didn\’t have a pot to pee in or a window to through it out. We all loved her & will miss her deeply.
By :

251-232-5364 –
By :

207-464-4075 – Two calls. No message.
By :

434-906-8416 – The number is legitimate for an organization called Roller Coaster Race. They sponsor a series of races at amusement parks across the country.
By : PghDragonman

201-443-1739 – Scammers. Telemarket garbage….dont answer….
By :

765-387-6930 – Same experience after I posted my resume on work in Texas this needs to be reported I immediately knew something was wrong by the grammar as well this Rose Ann person text me I replied not interested.
By : Sherena

254-987-6060 – Called today on the business line and asked for a person that isn\’t in the office. And then told me that I owed the IRS some money. I told him that the IRS will never call anyone they only send letters. So you\’re a fake. He then got very nasty I hung up and he called back 4 more times. He stated that his name was John White
By : Marie

970-300-1682 –
By :

805-301-6094 – I got a call from this number. I answered, herd their bs info on extended car warranty… After I started asking them questions the woman got upset and defensive …I\’m 99% sure this number and sales pitch is a scam! *beware*
By : Dave

254-987-6060 – That should be John Wright not white
By : Eric

409-209-4243 – WHY THE HECK ARE THESE PEOPLE EVEN ALLOWED TO OWN A PHONE??? If you look on the internet this number 409-209-4243 does nothing but dial numbers and never leaves a message and there is never anyone on the phone if you do bother to answer it. If you try to call it back, there is only quick busy. WHY DO THEY EXIST???
By : bugnutz

254-987-6060 – Called my brother with the exact same message as John, Says he is John White INS police department…….
I called that number and he answered to that title and I said I must have the wrong number and he called me a \”Mother F…..! and slammed the phone down. When I called back it rang forever and then went dead. I called the Copperas Cove Texas police department( area code 254) and asked for officer John White – there is no such a person. I laid an official complaint and asked them to investigate this person who in impersonating a police offer.
By : Eric

978-249-2380 – Called. Left no message. I returned a call and got a message saying \” number not in service\”. BS
By : jim

970-903-5630 – Got 13 nasty text messages from this number. Took it to cops. (that was a joke)
By : TJ

601-448-1900 – this person was selling a ford coachman for a very cheap price inthe sf bay area craigslist. he never returned my phone callse
By : scott

623-239-0925 – 623-239-0925 – Claretta Ridgill, W Highland Ave, Phoenix, Arizona CALLS LEAVES NO MESSAGE ON VOICEMAIL
By : JJ

330-958-1509 – Why are you calling and just hanging before the phone can be answered?
Meryl Tanz DBA Clairmont Farms.
By : Clairmont farm

201-443-1739 – Got a hang up call on my cell phone. They hung up after 3 rings. It only said Bayonne, NJ. I know no one there so it is a scam. nor will I call them back. They will be blocked on my cell phone.
By : Quicksilver

706-480-0169 – I got a call to my home at 718-523-7515, and they told me that I was a wicked swami, who like to have sexual relations with young children.

i cannot believe someone would call me and say such things – i am a holy man.
By : Bugga Vidyanand

317-413-4135 –
By :

915-497-3709 –
By :

254-987-6060 – hi this is Officer John Write I\’m calling you from INS department. The reason you are getting a call from the department is to inform you that INS has got the arrest warrant out for you and your physical address it is under Federal Investigation so call the call back that department call back number to get details information on your case. My call back number is 254-987-6060
By : John

623-692-6424 – calls and hangs up
By : karan

330-412-3732 – I keep getting crap messages from this number. How can it stop?
By : anonymous

360-215-7410 – called, no message left
By : agr

316-541-1220 – Some extended auto coverage deal where they ask if you want to warrantee your auto past 36,000 miles since you did not elect it when you purchased the car. It is coming from this small town home number outside of Wichita Ks. Her residing city is Towanda Ks. But I figure maybe she is a stay at home mom, retired or maybe even a disabled person. Her family income is 18,500. Which I got all that on the internet. Lived there for quite some time. Could be a scam I don\’t know. My guess she is working part time for the auto companies cold calling.
By : Extended auto c

619-866-4607 – Repetitive calls, ostensibly for Joann Ackerman. Announces two fraud charges, threatens imminent \’serving of papers to residence or place of business.\’ 100 Percent Scam/Phishing/Fraud.
By : Ben Ley

929-999-1384 – This is a scam number. Please do NOT answer or allow them to have access to your computer.
By : Jan

386-438-0991 – I received this call at 2:25 a.m. it woke me up! !!! I\’m so upset! This is not the first call I\’ve had from this number.
By : Donley

480-588-2636 – Unlicensed contractor advertising handyman services.
By : Scott

407-233-3774 –
By :

917-538-6436 –
By :

201-882-6715 – Guy is bottom feeding scumbag
By : Gary Dumont

281-570-3196 –
By :

917-353-6979 – I got a weird unwanted call from this weird guy, he is a nuisance. Watch out
By : Hilary

765-387-6930 – I decided to have fun with this and confronted \”her\” on the information I had uncovered here and she then tells me to stop texting her as I was a scam.

I am the scam. \”She\” must be a liberal, distorted sense of reality.
By : Donald

765-387-6930 – Seems that Ms Santiago is still at it using 720-361-0662

Same line of crap.
By : Donald

208-353-1095 – A Prank calling Jerk that has a fetish for guys under wear!
By : Michelle Roy

808-232-1045 –
By :

360-215-7380 – Received a call from this number of someone pretending to be from Google and wanting me to fix a listing so I did not lose any ranking on their search engine. This is a FRAUDULENT company. Google does not call and offer such services.
By : Kyle W.

254-987-6060 – I had a message from this number in my work voicemail and a couple of hours later I received a robo-call from the same number. Same message although I thought he said the INS, but no one there if you call it back.
No matter what;
1.The INS/IRS would not call without leaving a name and a case or file number,
2.They would not urge you to call back before the end of the day,
3.They would have an 800-number, and
4.You would end up in voice jail, not just a quiet line.
By : Bente