Burner Phone App Offers Privacy Against Disposable Phone Numbers

(May 17, 2015) A woman is now afraid after a bad dating experience with a man who called relentlessly and left threatening phone calls.

A woman named Cynthia Kron said the man was calling her and even leaving obscene and harassing messages on a regular basis. She said it scared her. She already filed a complaint to the police, but she also said she do not know more information about the caller. This is what concerns her. With all things seemingly affecting her and her life, she dumped her old number and got a new one. She even changed her daily routine and got a mobile app. The Burner phone app lets her burn the number until it’s gone.

She said that this particular app gave her the peace of mind to go on with her daily life, as it also gave her the privacy she needs. In fact, the Burner app gave her the privacy that she did not get before. The Burner app works by letting the user create a phone number in an unlimited fashion.It is now available on Android and iOS. Kron stated that if she meets a man who wants to exchange numbers with her, she does not give her real phone number.

Making a phone call through the Burner app hides the real number of the user and instead, it gives a randomly generated set of numbers. This particular set of numbers will show up on her caller ID, which is why people can reach on that particular number. Also, just one tap to the app and the number that is randomly generated will be eliminated. On the other hand, a marketing consultant for several local brands said that the Burner app lets him keep important information privately. The Burner app can now be used in personal life.

Today, the Burner app comes for free. However, if a person wants to get more numbers, it is a must to pay for credits. For example, if a person wants to have eight phone numbers and unlimited text, the cost of the app would be at $4.99 every month. On the other hand, there are other apps that work like Burner but most people prefer the latter because it is more versatile. Meanwhile, Kron realized that she must not divulge her personal information immediately. These days, she starts up a dating website known as “Catholic Click”, which helps people know how to protect themselves when dating.

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